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You Dance, I'll Hold Your Stuff.

You Dance, I'll Hold Your Stuff I'm Sam. I'm probably way older than you are. If the idea of someone over 35 being on Tumblr gives you the heebie-jeebies, don't follow me, m'kay? I'm a gay ftm guy who is composed entirely of rainbows, glitter, and optimistic cynicism. I like porn. I reblog eet on occasion. Glee owns my heart, as do Klaine, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss. I'm a firm believer in "ship and let ship", so there will be no "my ____ is better than your ____" here. I write stuff. (Got a page with links and everything!). Not a spoiler-free blog, but I will tag spoilers appropriately. Also, NSFW stuff will appear. (I also say "fuck" a lot.) Old URL's include: Coffeeismyhigherpower and Christophercolferismyhigherpower. Currently, I'm riding high on Glasses!Chris--hence bespectacledcolfer.
Oct 20 '14

staceysthings replied to your post: When the end credits roll during the f…


Stacey—these are extremely good points. I will still weep in my living room though. :)

Oct 20 '14


There were a lot of people who haven’t seen this video.

This is the one where Darren swears, and hasn’t slept for 4 days and is acting pretty much like he’s drunk.

Its one of my personal favourites.

Oct 20 '14

Me wondering if I’ll ever finish this story…

Oct 20 '14
I know!! I can’t imagine not seeing new Kurt Hummel scenes on my TV. :-( (one track mind, I think you understand)

I do!! I’m actually PRE bummed out.

Tags: actingjunkie
Oct 20 '14

When the end credits roll during the final episode of Glee, my crying will be heard from space.

Oct 20 '14
Oct 20 '14

Every Glee song ever 
Love Is A Battlefield

Oct 20 '14

I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You


Title: I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You
Author: Knittywriter
Notes: A future fic, written with Colin Hay’s “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You” on repeat in the background


 It’s eight o’clock at night before Kurt comes barreling through the door, bag haphazardly dangling from his shoulder, arms full to overflowing with books, a shopping bag full of new sketchbooks painfully cutting into his wrist.

Blaine is down the hall, wrangling the kids through teethbrushing, getting into pajamas, finding stuffed animals, and all the attendant chaos that is bedtime in the Anderson-Hummel household.

Kurt drops everything on the table in the dining room, swooping in amongst the bedtime preparations for a few precious moments with the kids. He left this morning while they were still drooping sleepily over their breakfast. It’s school vacation – Blaine’s off as well, so they are getting quality time with Daddy, but time with Papa is thin, at best.

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Oct 20 '14

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Oct 20 '14