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You Dance, I'll Hold Your Stuff.

You Dance, I'll Hold Your Stuff I'm Sam. I'm probably way older than you are. If the idea of someone over 35 being on Tumblr gives you the heebie-jeebies, don't follow me, m'kay? I'm a gay ftm guy who is composed entirely of rainbows, glitter, and optimistic cynicism. I like porn. I reblog eet on occasion. Glee owns my heart, as do Klaine, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss. I'm a firm believer in "ship and let ship", so there will be no "my ____ is better than your ____" here. I write stuff. (Got a page with links and everything!). Not a spoiler-free blog, but I will tag spoilers appropriately. Also, NSFW stuff will appear. (I also say "fuck" a lot.) Old URL's include: Coffeeismyhigherpower and Christophercolferismyhigherpower. Currently, I'm riding high on Glasses!Chris--hence bespectacledcolfer.
Sep 1 '12
  1. spreadmelikenutella said: Ahhhh!!!! :D *hugs you* You are the best Sam! (And I have never been top on anyone’s list so I am going to go cry in the corner for a bit.)
  2. aelora said: I am honored to be included among such awesome people!
  3. likearumchocolatesouffle reblogged this from bespectacledcolfer and added:
    OMG! I can’t believe I’m on one of these lists! And with some of my favorite people too! :D :D *dances around*
  4. judearaya said: awwww! that makes me so happy! HUGS
  5. bespectacledcolfer posted this